What’s In My Clutch

If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kids—you better believe I want to take minimal baggage with me. Here's what's in my clutch!

I showed you what I carry about in my diaper bag when the three of us are out on the town, but now it's time to show you what's in my clutch when it's just me heading out of the house. If I have the opportunity to leave—without the kiddos—you better believe I want to carry minimal baggage. (Although, let's be honest: I can count the number of times I've been alone in the past four months on one hand.) Since I just gave away my secret (that I don't go out alone often), I'll tell you when I ... read more

Currently Having A Case of The Mondays

Good morning, Monday

Is it just me or do the weekends go by a whole lot faster when you have kids? It's like one minute we're yelling, "YAY, it's FRIDAY!" and dreaming of the weekend. Then we blink and it's already Sunday night. It doesn't help that we totally forgot to make coffee last night for this morning—we usually have it scheduled to brew so it's ready for us when we get up. Hashtag fail. If only everyone could go into work late on Mondays. #CaseOfTheMondays Anywho, today seems like a good day to update ... read more

Our Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

turn your laundry room into a fun and bright place!

I'm such a tease. I showed you our new walk-in pantry, but I deliberately left out a whole section of it: the laundry room makeover! Just to give you a little reminder, here's what the "before" looked like: When we moved back to America, we needed a new washer and dryer since we sold ours before we left. It was a tough debate whether or not we wanted to stack the washer and dryer or have them sit side by side. The overwhelming benefit for stacking them was not having to bend as much to ... read more

My First Dia&Co. Box Reveal

dia&co box reveal

Dressing a postpartum body is hard, especially the second time around, and doubly so when you never quite figured out how to dress yourself after the first baby. I've been stuck in a huge clothes rut. HUGE. Frustrated with going into my closet and seeing dozens of clothes that just don't fit me anymore (not to mention that half of them aren't breastfeeding friendly at all), I purged everything and basically started fresh. Sort of. I kept the essentials (nursing tanks, other tanks, dresses that I ... read more

5 Favorite Sites for Headbands

Five Favorite Sites for Headbands

I have two girls now, and both were born with minimal hair, which means that if I don't put some bows on their pretty little heads, I get a lot of questionable comments on whether I have a boy or a girl. (Although, slapping a bright pink bow and dressing them in head to toe pink still doesn't even do the trick.) There are tons of sites out there selling headbands and bows, but these are just a few that actually get our money, so I wanted to pass along my favorite sites for headbands and bows ... read more