Jun 19, 2012

Winner Winner, Chicken Pitcher!

Last night I closed the comments for the chicken pitcher giveaway (as seen above) and this morning I picked our winner. Random.org picked entry number 2 as our winner:

 Congratulations, Sprinkles! This was her winning comment:

I just love the idea of sending someone a little gift every month, and it makes me happy that I can repay your kindness by sending you this little gift! (shoot me an email with your address!)

I really enjoyed reading all the different comments about all the nice things you guys are doing and it's inspiring me to pay it forward more.

Recent niceness? A man took my shopping cart back to the store for me! It doesn't seem big but when I'm dealing with a baby and a bunch of groceries, that extra help is always good to have. ~Chantal 

The most recent nice thing I did was this morning, stopped at a friends and picked up her books to return them at the library. That way her and the kids didn't have to leave the house! ~Nicole

I am helping my SIL with a project of pictures of her four month old, since she doesn't have photoshop and I do. I love helping her! I also try to live by good karma... I pointed out things that were wrong in our lease (that could have saved US money if I neglected to) and when Birchbox sent me two of the same thing I sent the other one back. I am still a little mad they didn't give me karma BB points for that though! LOL, just kidding. Working from home I don't get many opportunities to do for others like I used to but doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing. ~ KJPugs

I baked a pie for a friend to congratulate her on a promotion she just got! It's not anything outrageously fabulous, but she sure enjoyed it! :) ~ Casey

I send at least one little card of encouragement to blog/mil spouse friends a week. Tonight I actually purchased a little something to surprise one of these friends who is having a bit of a hard time. I also really, really love our secret buddies at work and getting them that perfect little thing to brighten their day. ~Katie

It's not much, but I drove home & helped setup to serve lunch to a group walking 31 miles in honor of a friend's little brother who was KIA last year. ~Cece

I know this is really little, but I was in downtown Tampa today and I was paying for parking at an automated machine. An older woman came up behind me and couldn't figure out how to use the machine, so I stayed a few extra minutes to make sure she got it all processed! ~Katie

Something nice I did: one of my fellow co-workers has two big events this weekend, so I'm volunteering my Friday night to cover one of them for her. ~TinyKate

The best nice thing I've done lately is all about NANCATION! It's truly little things like having someone to cook dinner for her, having someone get water for her, having someone help her with her eye drops at night and all her medicines and knowing that I'll be able to do it for a whole month. When someone takes care of you for so many years in your life, it is so nice to give back to them! It's just embarrassing when she says things like "Oh, I'm the queen of Fallbrook now!" ~Elizabeth, The Young Retiree

I totally understand that chicken kitchen decor isn't for everyone, so if you have something nice/good/awesome that you've done for someone else or you saw someone do, feel free to leave a comment below. A little bit of nice can go a very long way :) 


  1. Oh baby! I just squealed a little and now the guy in the office next to me thinks I'm nuts. Thanks so much Jessica! It was wonderful to read all of the comments, and to be able to help support a great cause too :)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Now, I get to plan a trip to Italy to get me one of those for my kitchen! I think I will have to come up with a better reason to get Gene on board!

  3. Congrats to the winner!! And I loved reading everyone's comments that you posted.


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