Jul 29, 2012

six for sunday

I woke up this morning and realized Friday was two days ago. Whoops! Here's six for Sunday:

1. you send me daily emails. I love "talking" to you!
2. you send me random lovey-dovey Hallmark e-cards!
3. whenever I go somewhere or eat something I know you like it makes me miss you.
4. i'm going to cracker barrel today. I'm sorry!
5. two words: Sunday ads. (maybe i'll send you a lil' something from the sunday paper.)
6. a gorgeous bouquet of "sunshine" showed up at my door. They made me smile and cry (happy tears).

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful flowers! I hope this deployment is flying by for both of you and that you are enjoying your time in NM. Daily emails sound really nice :)


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