Aug 17, 2012

Five for Friday

(These are actually from the end of June, one week after we found out I was pregnant. We went to Germany for our last trip before the deployment.)

1. Since I couldn't have one of my own, you let me smell your beer.
2. You gave me a bite of your steak, but only the part on the edge that was well-done. 
3. You pulled me away from people who were smoking too close to us.
4. You wouldn't even let me put my pinky in the hot tub! (I'm still bitter about not being able to go in the hot tub.)
5. You nicknamed the baby "Pickles!" 

p.s. i freaking love you


  1. Awe, these are super cute :) I have stressed to hubs that I will buy a beer for every week I'm preggers and have an all out drunk fest post-baby. Is that ridiculous?

  2. Ah! Every baby needs a good nickname while in the tum tum


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