Dec 4, 2013

Cruising in Europe: A Santorini Sunset

I recently shared my day trip to Santorini, Greece, but I left out one particular part of that day. I almost didn't capture this "on film," but as I was staring at the beautiful scenery before me, I realized it was too surreal to keep to myself. It was one of those moments that you didn't really want to blink, because you knew it would vanish in an instant.

I quickly grabbed my camera and just started snapping away, taking picture after picture as we slowly cruised between the Greek islands. I didn't even check my settings, so I was positive the results would be all messed up. But low and behold, it actually captured something worth sharing.

Oh, Greece, how I long to visit you again!


  1. Beautiful shots! Most especially the first one.

  2. THESE PHOTOS! They just look so magical, especially with the tiny sliver of the moon glowing. Breathtaking.


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